DisAppearing Act

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“DisAppearing Act” has been developed as both a novella (short novel) and as a movie screenplay.

In this psychological drama, a brilliant magician with a dark background stages a disappearing act to escape from his past. Success hinges on what proves to be illusion and what proves to be reality.

Sam Henderson and Wanda Davis are at the apex of their entertainment profession. Sam is a brilliant magician, while Wanda is a mesmerizing hypnotist. Together, their complementary talents generate persistently sold-out performances. Sam’s dark history betrays him when his former accomplices zero in on him performing in Las Vegas. Now, the gang—Vince, Tony, and Maria—want payback from a previous heist. Sam plans an intricate, courageous, and devious disappearing act, intending to escape with Wanda and start a new life. But what does Wanda want? Does she crave her currently glitzy, glamorous lifestyle with a new, young, and eager apprentice? Or will she commit herself to a new life with Sam, the accomplished, experienced master?