Lloyd Barclay is a Canadian citizen currently residing in Manitoba, Canada. He is semi-retired, spending his time in continuing education programs and travelling.

He was previously employed as an English professor, in Japan, with several post-secondary institutions. Lloyd obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree from The University of Manitoba in 1982. He later continued his education in business and finance at Brandon University (Manitoba, Canada). In 1989, he began studying correspondence courses offered by The Canadian Securities Institute. He has since obtained certification in securities, conduct & practices, options and futures. A diverse background of work experience in banking, journalism and education has been instrumental in developing Lloyd’s system of identifying, analyzing and selecting sound stock investments.

Lloyd believes strongly in self-determination. He formulated his investment strategy after years of self-study, research and practical application of investment principles. He enjoys and recommends a pro-active, hands-on approach to investing and portfolio management.These Stock Investment Books have played a role in shaping Lloyd’s investing strategy and can help you to develop your own strategy of managing an investment portfolio. These books are also Recommended Reading. 

Living in Japan has broadened Lloyd’s outlook by learning about, and experiencing, Japanese lifestyle and culture. And being part of Japan’s expatriate community has allowed him to form networks with individuals from Japan, as well as Canada, South Africa, the USA, Australia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and China.Lloyd has also travelled extensively. Hobbies include swimming, singing karaoke, mixed martial arts, chess and the practical application of reading, research and self-improvement principles.”Learning is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.”
-Bruce Lee

Travel Experiences

 In addition to living in 2 countries (Canada and Japan), Lloyd has also traveled extensively. In Asia, he has visited South Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, the United Arab Emirates and Turkey. In Europe, he has traveled to Norway, Denmark, England, Scotland, Ireland, Portugal, The Azores, The Netherlands, Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Monaco, Italy, Greece and Cyprus. In the Pacific region, Lloyd has visited Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Guam, Saipan, Rota, Truk and Palau. In North America, he has traveled to the USA and Mexico. In the Caribbean, he has visited Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, Saint Maarten, Saint Kitts, Antigua, Saint Lucia, Barbados, Curacao and Aruba. In South America, he has traveled to Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Uruguay and Argentina. In Central America, Lloyd has been to Honduras and Panama. In Africa, he has visited Egypt.

Lloyd has seen and experienced many interesting things and learned a lot from his travel experiences.

Each one of his destinations offered him a variety of things to see and experience. Southern Thailand offered a relaxing vacation on a beach of fine, white sand. In northern Thailand, Lloyd trekked through the rain forest, rode on an elephant and floated down a river on a bamboo raft. In Cambodia, he toured the ancient ruins of Angkor Wat. In Singapore, he experienced the diverse cultures and religions of Malaysia, China, and the West living in harmony. In Australia, he trained for scuba diving and went diving on the Great Barrier Reef. In New Zealand, he flew by helicopter on to a glacier and explored ice caverns. In Egypt, he saw the Great Pyramids as well as the Sphynx and explored the tombs of the Valley of Kings. In Greece, Lloyd went to Athens, Olympia and Rhodes. He walked through the Parthenon in Athens and learned about the birthplace of the Olympics in Olympia. In the Old City of Rhodes, he toured a medievel English castle designed that way because it had been held by England during the Crusades. In Rome, he explored the Colliseum and the Roman Forums. In France, Lloyd stood at the top of the Eiffel Tower for a bird’s eye view of Paris. In England, he toured the Tower of London. In Scotland, he toured Edinburgh Castle. He toured the Nile River, the Mediterranean Sea and the Caribbean Sea on a cruise ship. In Jamaica, he climbed a waterfall. In Mexico, Lloyd toured an ancient Mayan city. In Barbados, he explored the ocean floor in the safety of a submarine, seeing a shipwreck as well as an abundance of colorful tropical fish and coral.

The next trip Lloyd would like to take is an African safari in Kenya. He looks forward to seeing the big animals of Africa: lions, leopords, giraffes, rhinos, hippos and crocodiles.

Through travel, Lloyd hopes to continue to learn and experience the history, culture, geography and nature of the world in which we live.