Getting Started

Viewers are likely to be in one of the following situations.

You have an account and some cash to buy stocks.
Select stocks from Strong Buy and then from Standard Buy. Buying more stocks will reduce portfolio volatility, so you may also want to buy from Weak Buy. I do not recommend buying from Hold as there is not enough upside to justify the risk. Spreading orders over several months will reduce market risk.


You have funds to invest, but no account.
You’ll need an account with a broker. I have an account with TDWaterhouse.
The address is


You want to monitor the recommendations before you commit funds.
I recommend that you monitor the portfolios rather than individual stocks. You can set up an account with Yahoo! that will allow you to create and monitor several portfolios. Use the recommendations from the Model Portfolios page.


You want to improve your understanding of investing.
These Investment Books page are very useful.
The Value Line Investment Survey provides detailed information on publicly-traded stocks.
The Canadian Securities Course offered by the Canadian Securities Institute will give you a broad understanding of investing in stocks.