Higher Returns with Less Risk 

Contrarian-value investing allows you to earn higher returns (over 5-10 years) with less risk.

This website explains how to use value and contrarian criteria to make profitable investments in stocks of  publicly-traded companies.


Notwithstanding the above, it is not intended to be a replacement for your own due diligence. Please read our Disclaimer.

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The 5 most important parts of this website are Strategy, Stock Picks, Portfolio Management, Model Portfolios and the Investment Newsletter.

Strategy explains how stocks are chosen, using value and contrarian criteria.

Stock Picks is a list of recommended stocks, based on Strategy.

Portfolio Management explains how to make the best use of Stock Picks in managing a diversified portfolio (a basket of stocks).

Model Portfolios shows holdings and returns of 3 theoretical investment portfolios that use the principles of Strategy and Portfolio Management.

The Investment Newsletter includes timely updates about portfolio returns, the addition of recommended stocks, significant stock- price advances, company developments, changes in ratings, stocks reaching their target prices and portfolio transactions.

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